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Nov 1, 2017
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Martin Dew

Samsung: 'TV When It's On, Art When It's Off'

Samsung Electronics America Inc. has announced the "evolution" of its lifestyle TV, The Frame. With new claimed customization options and more than 800 available works of art available, The Frame for 2018 promises to transform your living room into a "dynamic gallery space". According to the company, the Samsung Art Store, the world’s "largest" art platform for TV, houses a growing and diverse library of artwork from museums, galleries and artists around the world, including a recent addition of more than 30 pieces of photography from The New York Times.

“We designed The Frame for consumers who love the function of a big, beautiful 4K UHD TV but struggle to design their room around an empty black screen when the TV is turned off,” said Dave Das, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics for Samsung Electronics America. “You can travel the world and still be hard-pressed to discover all of the art that is now available on The Frame. It gives consumers the freedom to design the room of their dreams, and the flexibility to change that design whenever they like.”

Consumers can customize The Frame to create a preferred aesthetic in any room. Samsung says that he system has an improved UI, meaning owners of The Frame can browse different art pieces based on the color scheme of their room, or by a particular medium, like drawings or photography. Owners can create a personalized collection that shuffles through their particular selections as often as they like, similar to a music playlist.


The Frame features a 4K UHD screen with HDR10+. Similar to Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV line, The Frame 2018 comes with smart capabilities that make it quick and easy to set up the new TV and access content. With the 'Log-in' facility, users can transfer their Wi-Fi and Samsung account details from their phone to the TV via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) without having to remember or re-type in a password. And, Samsung’s proprietary 'Smart Hub' menu will enable consumers to navigate across streaming services, consoles and live TV while 'Universal Guide' curates content based on a TV watchers’ tastes.

The Frame also comes equipped with Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, so owners can use voice commands to bring up shows and control compatible smart lights, soundbars, cameras, door locks and more via Samsung’s SmartThings IoT dashboard.

When not in use, motion and brightness sensors convert The Frame from TV into a piece of art. Just as a framed picture will look different depending on time of day, these sensors should adjust the screen brightness based on the ambient light in any given room. The Frame will blend in with home décor "seamlessly," according to Samsung. When mounted, it will hang flush to the wall due to Samsung’s proprietary 'No Gap Wall Mount'. The Frame offers four customizable magnetic bezel options in black, white, walnut and beige wood, meaning users will also be able to swap colors to complement the color of a room. And Samsung's 'One Invisible Connection' is a single slim and translucent cable that will transmit both power and AV data to the TV, eliminating the clutter of cords beneath the TV and the need to place the TV near data or power outlets.

The Frame 2018 is available starting today on Samsung.com and will be available at retailers this month in 55” ($1,999) and 65” ($2,799) sizes.

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In related news... Black Mirror being retitled Nice Kincade.

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