Samsung DLP or Panasonic Plasma?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by PhilipD, Aug 28, 2003.

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    I had a post the other day about the best option for a living room where ambient light may be a problem. I had pretty much decided on the 42" plasma, but then I went to our local electronics store and saw the Samsung DLP displays. Now I'm really confused because they are very bright and seemed to have a good picture.

    (Side note: as I'm sure many of you have experienced, side-by-side comparisons at an electronics store are pretty much a nightmare. None of them ever have the capability to look at two displays under similar lighting conditions with the same source material. I'm sure they do it on purpose, but it sure is frustrating!)

    Now I'm in a real quandry: do I buy the Samsung HLN4365W or the Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY? Both are very close in price through internet merchants, features are tough to compare, although the Samsung stats show higher resolution. Flat plasma is nice, but size isn't a constraint for me.

    I'm interested in opinions as to which has the better picture.

    (Another side note: if the concensus is that the Samsung is better, I'll probably spend the extra $500 and get the 50" model. As you know, to get a 50" Panny plasma it would be a lot more)
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    Hi Phillip,

    I've beenn looking at the same two units (actually the consumer version of the Panasonic) and here is my experience so far in comaparing them.

    When I look at the Panasonic side-by-side with HD plasma sets, I immediately notice the pixels, even back 10-12 feet. On the Samsung, there is no hint of individual pixels, even up very close. With HD source, both sets seem very good, though to my eye the Panasonic seems to handle blacks a bit better.

    I haven't seen DVD on the Panasonic yet, though I've seen comments that say it plays DVD very well. I've also seen comments that the Samsung also does very well with DVD, but you may have to get a DVD player with DVI out to do that. I watched "Lord of the Rings" on one in the store and was very disappointed with what I saw. There was a lot of noise in dark scenes, and detail didn't seem very good. The reason I'm shopping for one of these is for better DVD viewing (currently using 32-inch Sony XBR tube), and I sure didn't see it.

    Another difference I've seen comments on is noise. The Panasonic is fan-less and thus supposedly very quiet (so should be my XBR, but it has a hum that really irritates me when things get quiet, another story). There is a thread on the AVS forum that discusses problems some people have with noise from the Samsung. It has two fans and a spinning color wheel that put out varying amounts of noise. That's something that would be hard to assess at a store. If I do end up buying the Samsung it only will be with an ironclad return policy.

    I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

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    Have you guys also considered the new Panny 50LC13 LCD-based RPTV? It costs ~$1K less than the Sammy 50" DLP. Seems to be getting some raves over on AVS forum.

    My in-laws actually placed an order for a Sammy DLP, but is changing their minds to go for the new Panny.


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