S video or component for interlaced

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    I am going to be hooking up a Panasonic RP91 to a 48" sony analog tv i have heard from some that s video would give a better picture than component for this fashion. What are your thoughts? thanks
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    Home Theater magazine did a comparison of all 3 video connections to a reference 50" RPTV:

    Composite (single video cable): baseline

    SVideo (funny keyboard connector): 20% better than Composite

    Component (3 video cables): 25% better than Composite.

    So I think you ment SVideo will give you a better picture than Composite.

    Here is what I did: I ran SVideo straight to the TV from the DVD player. But from the CATV/DSS/VCR & DVD, I ran Composite through the receiver.

    Leaving the TV to "see" the composite feed from the receiver made the system easy to use for the wife/kids. The receiver remote did all the switching.

    But when I sit down to watch a DVD, I take the extra step of flipping to the direct SVideo feed for the cleaner picture. This also makes a great demo to show yourself/friends how much better SVideo looks over Composite.

    Hope this helps.

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