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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Kyle Tippett, Apr 16, 2004.

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    *** Attn. Moderators: I know this whoucl go in the Master Burn in Thread, which it is there, but before me there has been no activity there for days and this forum may be more effective for getting a response. I appologise for the inaccurate/double post.

    i have been using an XBOX for the past 3 months, on a near daily basis, sometimes for over 3 hours in a row.... no signs yet. I do have my display properly calibrated with Video Essentials, and then the contrast and brightness nocked down a notch or two on the setting profile i use for the Xbox. Its a Hitachi 46F500, display was purchased almost 8 months ago.

    MY Question Is....
    Regarding Burn-In, considering that newer consoles have higher res graphiucs and even some cascading movement on stagnant energy meters, etc., can i expect that if the XBOX isnt hurting my screen, i can play a Playstation 1 game on it.... specifically FINAL FANTASY VII... for those who dont know, this is an RPG, with TONS of stagnant images that appear, and the game is often played for AT LEAST 2-3 hours in a row... if i just give the set a rest on a static screen, or even switch ratios every once in a while to move things around can i get away with this...

    I will not hold anyone reliable for telling me somethig that might not work out in the long run... im just looking for a little more info on this...

    PLEASE HELP... anyone who has played this game knows how amazing it is, and i never got to finish it a few years back when i first got it becasue my memory card died on me, but now i need to before FFVII: Advent Children, the movie comes out in the states.

    I thank you all for any assistance, and will be checking this thread bi-daily.
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    You should be fine with playing your PS1 on your set; I assume it has been calibrated or the contrast/Brightness toned down?

    FFVII doesn't always have a HUD or meters on screen (world map or exploring, etc).

    Great game, wish I had finished it myself.

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