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Roguelike 3D Space Shooter, EVERSPACE™, Now Available for Pre-Order on PlayStation 4

The Stellar Edition of the iconic 3D roguelike space shooter EVERSPACE™ from independent developer ROCKFISH Games is available for pre-order at the SONY PlayStation® Store.

Hamburg, May 02, 2018 – ROCKFISH Games announced today that EVERSPACE™ Stellar Edition is now available for pre-order on SONY PlayStation® 4 for $29.99. PS Plus subscribers can get it for the discounted price of $23.99. The bundle includes the base game, the Encounters add-on, the EVERSPACE™ soundtrack with over 60 tracks as well as the dynamic EVERSPACE™ Menu and the pre-order exclusive Concept Art Theme. The latter featuring several detailed designs from the production. The bundle as well as the base game and the add-on will be released at the SONY PlayStation® Store on May 22, 2018, too.

The independent developer’s debut game and Kickstarter hit (€420,252 was raised) features a modern interpretation of popular roguelike game mechanics and fast-paced 3D space combat with tight shooter-style controls. Driven by a captivating storyline, EVERSPACE™ sends players on an action-packed journey through dozens of procedurally-generated levels, challenging even the most daring pilots in an all-out fight for survival in a beautiful yet treacherous space environment. Plus, a stand-alone Hardcore Mode, featuring true perma-death and a new boss fight in an entirely revamped end sector, offers an extra challenge for all die-hard roguelike fans and veteran players.

Watch the PS4 teaser trailer here:

And the EVERSPACE™ - Encounters teaser gameplay trailer:

“With over half a million space pilots already enjoying EVERSPACE on PC and Xbox, we are super excited to eventually offer it to space game enthusiasts on PS4 as well”, said Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games. “We believe that we have created a very special breed of space game that will keep players on the edge of their seat for hours with its unique blend of roguelike game mechanics, exploration, and easy-to-pick-up space shooter action set within a beautifully rendered fantasy sci-fi environment”.

EVERSPACE™ – Encounters adds 10 hours of gameplay to the base game including five new questlines, all new factory space stations to augment play with on-the-fly services such as refining and converting resources to upgrade ship capabilities and conduct crucial repairs. The Encounters DLC also provides access to a new player ship - bringing the total to four - a medium fighter class ship called the Colonial Sentinel, packed with sophisticated electronic weaponry, interstellar pilots also have a wealth of devices and consumables as well as a special emergency shield if hull integrity on the ship is jeopardized through intense space combat. Furthermore, daring space pilots can pay the Okkar Homeworld a visit, too.

The roguelike space shooter takes daring space pilots on a challenging journey through six sectors, each featuring dozens of procedurally-generated levels full of dangers and treasures. In each run, they will face entirely new situations, continuously testing their skills, experience, and talent for improvisation. Great piloting skills will be needed to stand a chance against various enemies, along with a keen eye for loot and mineable resources, which are used to repair damaged ship components or to craft new equipment and modifications, giving players an advantage in combat and a better chance of making it out of a sticky situation alive.

About ROCKFISH Games GmbH
ROCKFISH Games is an independent games studio based in Hamburg, Germany which specializes in high-quality 3D video games for PC and console, based on Unreal Engine 4. It was founded by mobile games veterans Michael Schade and Christian Lohr, who have been joint entrepreneurs in the 3D graphics space for over 25 years. As founders and managers of Fishlabs Entertainment, they spearheaded 3D mobile gaming for almost a decade before they took on a new adventure with ROCKFISH Games. Meanwhile, the team consists of 13 full-time employees, mostly coming from the dev team of the wildly popular original Galaxy on Fire mobile games series.

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