Rerun speaker wires or add-on???

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    I posted this in the HT building forum, but thought I might illicit more responses posting this here as well.

    ************************************************** **

    I'm in a lil pickle.

    I ran my rear surround speaker wires while finishing the room over our garage.

    I chose not to put the rears in the very corners of the room .

    Now that I finally have my A/V receiver and speakers. I realize that I only have a listening area for the very center of the room and only can view/listen while sitting on the sofa.

    I'm now seriously considering moving all surrounds to the corners of the room and need to decide, do I wanna try and rerun new wire runs (which is a pain since the insulation and sheetrock are up and obviously a problem, or make short runs from the existing runs to the new location by simply connecting the speaker wire with wire nuts or some other preferred method.

    Ideas or suggestions?

    The real question comes down to rerun the wires or to add on.
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    certainly running the wires through the wall is the more elegant approach (keep in mind for code purposes, you'll need to select wire rated for in-wall installation). while not familiar with your overall set-up, it would seem since the room is over the garage, the actual work involved isn't all that difficult (easy for me to say, huh?) since you should be able to tunnel through the flooring behind the wall and run the majority of the wire in the garage and then back up again through the floor. there are rubber grommets (sic) available that'll plug the holes in the flooring through which the wires can go. it's your call whether you want the wires to exit through the wall via a receptacle etc. other approaches could involve running the wire within the room behind molding or under carpeting (flat 12 or 14 gauge is readily available). just make sure you're pretty happy with the existing setup before you start poking holes in maybe ask the wife?

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