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  1. Mohammed L

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    Nov 29, 2002
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am interested in purchasing a Home theatre system (my first), namely the Dahlquist system 6(qx10's qx20R's and qx60C) minus the subwoofer, because I was not impressed with the performance. I was thinking of purchaseing a JBL pb12, but have heard mixed reviews, especially on the electronics of this piece. Any opinions on this sub or any other equally priced one(~$350 canadian) would be great.

    More importantly, I need a good receiver to power it all, and was thinking of buying the onkyo TX-SR600, but I have heard that this reciever puts out much less than 80W/Channel in DD(about 30W/Channel). If anyone has any suggestions on this amp or any others that would be around the same price range(~$600 canadian), it would be extremely helpful.

    Finally, i just wanted to say that after looking for the past couple months, this is probably the most informative place on the net for home thatre equipment. Just wanted to say thanks to all you guys out there who help out and give your suggestions,

  2. Alex Dydula

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    Nov 1, 2002
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    I posted on your other thread.

    I have the same speakers and have used the fairly new SONY STR-DA4ES HT receiver and am very satisfied with the reults, no power issues or problems here listenting to 2 ch stereo or 5.1 HT...for long amount of hours...

    These new Dahlquist speakers are the cats meow!! For the bucks, the sound quality is really fantastic!


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