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Jun 15, 2004
Berlin, Germany
Real Name
Perhaps this topic was once treated here. But I´m relativeley new here in the forum and although I´m a german I´m most interested in american television, especially the period 50´s – 70´s.
I´m sure many of the members here know the book from Jonathan Etter “Quinn Martin, Producer” which I read yesterday and I´m still really impressed.
After reading that book I´m really looking forward to see his series on DVD but sadly none of the series made it as a DVD release yet. I looked at the “release” section of tvshowsondvd.com and found none of the series. Does somebody now if the following shows will make a DVD release sometimes in the future ?

1961-62 The New Breed
1963-67 The Fugitive
1964-67 12 O'Clock High
1965-74 The FBI
1967-68 The Invaders
1970-71 Dan August
1971-76 Cannon
1972-73 Banyon
1972-77 The Streets of San Francisco
1973-80 Barnaby Jones
1974-75 The Manhunter
1975 Caribe
1976 Bert D'Angelo
1976-77 Most Wanted
1977 Tales of the Unexpected
1978 Operation: Runaway
1979 The Runaways
1979-80 A Man Called Sloane

Here in Germany not all of these shows were aired and of course there are dubbed into the german language, which wasn´t always good work. Gladly my english isn´t that bad, so I can understand nearly everything.

Well, I think all the fans of the Quinn Martin Production must thank Jonathan Etter for this well written book.

Best wishes from Berlin, Germany !



May 14, 2004
Someone here in another discussion thread (allegedly) had a conversation with someone at Paramount Pictures-Viacom International Television and according to their post made here in this discussion forum The Fugitive (ABC 1963-67) is being planned for a DVD release either later this year or early in 2005.

I've been lobbying (mightily) for a DVD release of The Invaders (ABC 1967-68) tv series myself and have requested anyone on this particular discussion forum who has actual contact with Paramount to ask about the current status of this classic 1960s SF tv series as a tv syndication package and as a prospective DVD release...to (apparently) no avail.

Currently The Invaders is airing on U.K. television and I wonder if this is an indication that it's also now available in North America television distribution and airing as well.

Far more importantly than being a (former) QM Production The Invaders is a SF tv series property and SF is a big (probably the single biggest) moneymaker with the home entertainment buying public out there. In other words one doesn't have to be interested in QM Productions tv series per se to want to buy a DVD collection of The Invaders.

Jeff T.

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
Of your list, I would guess off the top of my head (from intuition, not research) that the ones that have the most chance to hit DVD are The Fugitive, The FBI, The Invaders, Cannon, The Streets of San Francisco, Barnaby Jones, and A Man Called Sloane.

Of those, I would be of the opinion the ones with the biggest opportunity are Fugitive, Streets (especially with the remake being looked at), Barnaby, and - yes - The Invaders.

However, I have heard of nothing that for-sure says that these are coming. Someone e-mailed me earlier this year with the similar story that is mentioned about The Fugitive: that someone involved with the show (Barry Morse, I think the story went) said at a convention that he is participating in a DVD release. But I could never substantiate that, and I don't recall that the e-mailer responded to my replies, and so it never went up at TVShowsOnDVD. I guess we'll find out eventually what the situation is, but so far noone's talking.

todd s

Senior HTF Member
Jul 8, 1999
Barnaby Jones and Cannon. Now, all I need is Dan Tanner and I will have my 70's detectives on dvd. :D


Senior HTF Member
Apr 2, 2004
Kentucky, USA

Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. Fans "in the know" have said that Channel 5 purchased the series when they first went on the air (around 195-1996), and are likely only running it now because the broadcast rights will expire in the near future.

I don't think it's been re-syndicated since Worldvision ceased to be.


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 15, 2003
If they put out all the seasons of Barnaby Jones, then I and a lot of my friends would be thrilled. However I haven't seen anything that said Barnaby Jones was even being considered. Funny how popular that show still is after all these years, I belong to a group that trades the episodes and it is still very active.

todd s

Senior HTF Member
Jul 8, 1999
I heard the actors who played Barnaby Jones & Cannon were almost cast to play Crockett & Burnett on Miami Vice. :D ;)

Conrad as Tubbs in a shootout.

Here is Ebsen as Sonny on his boat:

Sorry, its the end of the day and I am bored. :)

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