Projectors vs. DLP "screens" (ie rp) in a living room

Discussion in 'Displays' started by StevenR, Feb 21, 2005.

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    As I posted in another thread, I am looking at DLP TVs, but am open to projectors (cost depending) I don't know the native resolution of say a ~$3K Samsung but the Infocus 7210 looks awesome, but terribly cosly atm.

    My concern is light. I have a picture of my current setup. This is just a rental so I am not too concerned, but who knows how long I will be here. So:

    a) Light does come through the blinds during the day. I could block them off totally. How much would a project be affected by this?

    b) How much are screens that would let me put my center speaker behind it? For now I could floor it and angle upwards, but when I build my home theater, I might want the speaker directly behind the screen.

    c) Could I later project from behind the screen, flipping the image somehow?

    Thanks so much [​IMG]

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    A PJ's only going to really work in that room during the daytime if you block out those windows completely.

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