Possible receiver problem (NEWBIE)

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    Hello all. I'm brand new to this forum and am hoping someone can help me with a problem that is so annoying that I have become obsessive about it. Anyways, I know most of you have rather high-end setups (which I currently can't afford), but I have put together a system that should work for my needs. It includes:
    Toshiba 32 inch TrueFlat TV
    Panasonic Prog. Scan DVD
    Sherwood 6108 Digital/DTS Receiver
    Sony SA-VE 355 Speaker package and sub (wife wouldn't allow big speakers cluttering the living room and it's all i could afford at the moment.
    Anyways, my problem is that I get perfect sound from my center channel, but when watching TV, movies, ... There is a good deal of hiss and distortion from the Front and rear speakers. This never happened with my previous receiver and the same speakers and cabling so I have to assume that it's a receiver issue. The problem is most pronounced when watching TV in PL and PLII modes. It is still present, though in an almost indescernable level on DVD's with Dolby Digital/DTS.
    The Sherwood receiver is brand new and all the reviews I've read (at least 20)say that this is a good entry-level receiver that produces clean (not powerful but CLEAN, crisp sound) At this point, that's all I'm looking for. So there could be a few problems:
    A) A faulty receiver
    B) An adjustment or option that I'm not seeing that could be causing interference and hiss (I've heard too much treble might be the cause)
    C) Wires crossing and interfering with each other in the back of the unit. I'm using properly shielded, high-quality cables and separated everything the best I could but might this still cause problems?
    D) Something that only you HT experts can figure out.
    Now I know my equipment isn't the best, but for my untrained ear, this setup (everything's brand new) should at least be able to give me clean sound, not the richness and channel separation you guys are used to but good enough.
    I'd really appreciate any advice you guys can give. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] too.
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    im not a pro but i'll try to help .... Reciver could be to close to the TV .... could be a ground loop hisss..... from experiance if you try to run PL or PLII from a mono source(sorry bout spelling) it tends to hiss alot ..... maybe the front and rear chanels just arent on a high enough level some recivers when you switch from differant surround modes the levels get screwy.... could be an interconnect problem ..... i hope i helped in some way

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