please help me buy speakers by volume and VALUE?

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    Hi to All! i've never seen this situation answered here before as i can tell.
    1.Is volume, usage, and value a consideration when buying speakers?
    If I want Very good to great sound for ONLY MY HT ,never turning it up real loud/normal listening,which speakers can do it for the best value.All i have is new kENWOOD 404 now(only $28)so i can buy whatever makes new speakers happy with no real loss.
    My room is 16 by 25 with 46"tv in a corner of 16 ft wall, couch close to middle of room 16 ft. away with 8 ft. behind.
    Would like in-wall speakers(cause its used as a hall area between three doorways, but can hang satellites above and 1 to 3 ft behind my head if sound is much better from them.
    Must have great ccs as i cant make out what peps say as of now and my wife wont turn tv up.(argh)
    Considering Situation and (Value to quality sound needed ratio for a pleased ht experience), my order SO FAR is:
    1. nsp1 (if they will give good sound for the $)
    2nd. htd level 3's (give better to great sound for the $)
    3rd. swan divas (giving the OH wow! sound for the $)
    4th.whatever you'all suggest gets the job done for value/$
    I've NEVER heard surround before except for 5 min. my wife allowed in best buy store and can never test anything but circuit city stuff if they ever get their sound room fixed!
    Please help & replys are MOST appreciated!
    A confused newbie like me can ramble a wee to much..sorry!
    :b THANKS frank
    (this should be in speaker section. i just realized! oops!)
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    value in speakers is a very relative term. speakers may sound great to you and horrible to me-- we all have different opinions on sound so it's impossible to tell you which speaker is the best for the $$. i've heard great stuff about those Divas and the Axiom line, but i say go to your local hifi store and try out as many combos as you can. pick the ones that sound best to YOU!
    volume is a function of amp power and speaker sensitivity. the more power and higher the sensitivity, the more SPL (fancy word for volume) you'll enjoy. if you intend to get a decently good pair of speakers you'll need a better receiver than that Kenwood.
    good luck!
    note: in-wall speakers generally will not sound up to par with normal speakers

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