Parasound HCA-1205A connected to APC Line-R power conditioner

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    I know about the controversy with some people and the use of power conditioners.

    However, I have my HCA-1205A amp connected to an APC Line-R 1250 power conditioner with surge suppression.

    The manual says that the maximum capacity of the Line-R 1250 is 1250 W or 1250 VA. The Parasound manual says that the "power requirements" for the amp is 1500 W.

    Since the amp requires 250 W more than the APC is rated, is it doing any good connecting the amp to it? Should I just connect the amp directly to the wall outlet or use the Panamax 1000+ instead (I also have the Panamax 1000+)?
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    Christopher, you are right to be concerned about these capacity limitations. But real-world chances of drawing current to realize the HCA-1205's 1500 watt output are very unlikely. Amp power consumption output capacity may hardly ever max, it's there for sonic peak "headroom" or performance without distortion. 1500 VoltAmps (watts) on 120VAC equals 12.5 amps current draw; most owners report they clock 8-9.5 SYSTEM amps at MAX DVD playback volume for testing purposes.
    Thing is you are mixing two different applications to the detriment of the HCA's protection. The APC "power conditioner" PRIMARILY is a voltage regulator designed for a computer environment. To keep sensitive computers and peripherals stable at 120V within an 87-140V range to protect for power sags or "brownouts" and over-voltage. APC specs here give short shrift or the back page to surge protection.
    If your primary goal is surge protection for expensive home ent. gear, then you look for a unit, say, like Panamax Max 4300, 5100 or 5300 for this purpose. (I am not pushing Panamax, just giving model examples.) Midlevel consumer surge protectors generally come in 1800watt/ 15amp configuration. Panamax 1000 is an earlier model I'd have to find specs for; it should accommodate the big amp and who knows if if limits the sonic characteristics?
    If you feel confident in your house electricity and lack of electrical weather activity and power company outages, then plugging the Parasound into the wall is OK. The manufacturer ought to have a recommendation: many outboard amp makers -- Anthem for one -- recommend plugging into the wall because of the amp's built-in protection levels.
    But perhaps you got a voltage regulator because YOU NEED IT...I don't know.
    There are other solutions for a surge protector for your amp besides the entire Panamax box, such as a "high current" two-outlet Brickwall AUDIO unit ($199) PW2RAUD HERE wherein you can plug the Parasound into one outlet, the APC and all the rest attached to it in the second outlet. Voila! high-end surge protection.
    edit for clarification between power consumption and speaker-level wattage output.

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