Paradigm speakers without a sub... which ones?

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    Nov 20, 2001
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    I'm trying to setup my first home theater at the moment. I have a JVC D-series 32" tv with component imputs. That's it so far. I'm researching the DVD player and receiver at the moment but right now i have a speaker questions.

    I'm pretty set on Paradigm (since i'm also in canada). The problem is that i'm in an apartment and don't want to annoy my neighbours too much. So i planned on setting up without a subwoofer for now and adding one in later when i move to more secluded residence. I thought getting towers for the front would help compensate for this.

    My first thought was Monitor 7's up front, Mini monitors in back, CC370(whichever is the matchign one) for the center. No sub for now. Would that give reasonable enough bass for both music and a home theater enthusiast or should i be thinking of some sort of sub regardless of how it's going to annoy those underneath me?

    However depending on how christmas goes i might need to rethink that budget. Then i would end up with Titans up front, CC170 center, and atoms in the rear. If i go with the cheaper package, do you think this would be acceptable?

    Yes i plan on going to listen to these setups but i just wondered if anyone else had suggestions on what to do if a subwoofer was not going to be included in the purchase.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks

  2. Holadem

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    Nov 4, 2000
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    I would go with the monitor set up. The 7s sound very good even without a sub. Depending on the kind of music you listen to, you might not need a sub with them. i think it will do for movies as well. You can afford it. Go for it [​IMG]
    PS: Paradigm has powered towers (monitor 90P) but that would defeat the point of not having subs... Go with the 7.
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    I suggest you try to scrape up the money for the Monitor series speakers -- 7's, CC-370, and Minis. The Monitor series speakers are better quality. This is also the identical set up that I have and really like the combination. I actually have Version 1 of all these, so the center is the CC-350, but almost identical to the 370.

    I used the 7's without sub for nearly a year. For music the 7's definitely have enough bass. You will miss some of the real low bass in movies, but I personally think the 7's can produce an adequate bass punch.

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