Paradigm Monitor 5s or Studio 20s

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  1. BrianWoerndle

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    I am trying to decide if the Studio 20s are worth the extra $125 over the Monitor 5s. First, some info:

    -These are for 100% music listening in my bedroom.
    -They will be powered by a Denon 3803 (110w/ch) hooked up to zone 2
    -No sub (for now)
    -I have Paradigm Mini Monitors (fronts), CC-370, Titans (Rears) and a PS-1000 in my main HT room.
    -I eventually want 7.1 for my HT room. I don't know what to shift and what to value. Do I move the Minis to the rear and add better fronts? Do I get ADP?s Do I get 5s up front and move the Minis to Zone 2? Do I get Studio 20s now assuming that someday I will have all Studios and use the 20s in the rear?
    -Listening habits in the main room are about 60% music, 40% HT.
    -I think I want to stay with Paradigm so I can keep shifting around as I upgrade, but I am open to other companies for Zone 2 if I feel that they are staying and will hold their own without a sub.
    -I have $500-$600 to spend (well, not really, but I will anyway. I don't really have the extra money for the Studios, but if they will be better in the long run, I will)
  2. John Garcia

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    If you get the 20s and put them in the main system as mains, you will then want/need a Studio CC for the front stage.

    5s, with Minis or Titans as rears is a good setup. I had Minis for a while, but eventually swapped the Minis to the bedroom because the Titans I was using there did fine as surrounds and the Minis are better at music in the bedroom system (stereo, no sub, 95% music).

    For 100% music (and mostly music in the main system), the 20s will be a better choice in the long run, whichever room they end up in.

    Since you are open to other brands, I will have to recommend GR-Research AV1s. Note that these are a DIY kit, but can also be purchased assembled. Excellent speaker for music.
  3. James Bergeron

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    Oct 9, 2001
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    To be that would be a no brainer, go with the 20's in your 2 channel setup.

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