Outlaw 1050 vs.Denon 3801 vs. Marantz 8000 vs. Yamaha RXV800

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  1. Darby Wing

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    Jun 8, 2001
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    I am looking to buy a home theater receiver that is very clean sounding to go with my B&W CDM 1NT front l&r's CDM CNT center and LM1 rears. I also need advice on subs and am curious about SVS, Hsu's and Vandersteens. Although I do like loud, my room is small and I prefer accurate, tight, and on time. Please send all relevant replies to this forum or my e-mail which I believe is posted. Thanks, Darby
  2. Ned

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    Feb 20, 2000
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    I run CDM1 NT's with a single SVS 20-39 crossed at 100hz (lowest possible option on receiver). I find the SVS quite tuneful for music with it at most needing just a -2 db cut on the sub level when listening to music but usually none or just -1 db. For reference My sub is about 5db "hot" relative to the mains using Avia.
    The SVS units have a definite lack of "mud" in the 35-60hz range that is so often a problem with sealed subs. Some even perceive this as a deficiency often described as "less punchy" but it's really just more accurate. If you have CDM 1NT's I'd be willing to bet you're after accuracy more than pseudo-punch.
    For movies, this combo is unbeatable (no bias I swear).
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  3. Andrew Beacom

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    Jan 11, 2001
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    Here my quick take after some recent auditioning ...
    Denon 3801: Sounded muddy to me. Paired with both B&W and Klipsch
    Yamaha RX-V800: Sounded better than the Denon, but a bit digital. Paired with Paradigm and JM Lab.
    Rotel: Sounded better than the Yamaha. Paired with JM Lab.
    Marantz SR-8000: The best sound I auditioned. It matched very nicely with some Linn's. I of course now own these.
    Don't know about the Outlaw.
  4. Lewis Besze

    Lewis Besze Producer

    Jul 28, 1999
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    I would leave the audition of these receivers to you and preferably in your home with your own speakers,just to be fair.Most dealers have 30 or so days return policy in case you don't like 'em.
    Before the auditioning takes place,I would focus on these receivers where the differences lie,features and functionality.
    The Outlaw: Just recently reduced price[$499.00] features variable Xover points for the bass managment,it does Dolby EX,but not DTS ES[matrix],due to it's own implementation of this matrix[rear center] decoding method.Has 6ch of power on board
    The Yamaha:I think you wan't the RXV-1000 instead in this price range.It does DD EX DTS ES[matrix],and a host of other DSP's[do you care?],has a fixed xover point at 90hz,and has only 5ch of amplification.
    The Marantz:A no nonsense DD DTS receiver with minimal features,has one Xover point at 100hz[could be too high in some cases],the best looking in the bunch IMO.
    The Denon: Feature loaded DD DTS EX ES ES discrete Neo6and some other DSP's 7channels of amps,great remote and user interface,has a single xover point at 80hz[THX standard].
    There is more to these receivers,but as you can see they try to appeal to different type of listeners.
    Try'em out!
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  5. FrankC

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    Feb 26, 2001
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    I've owned the Marantz SR-8000 for about 6 months now and have been very happy with it. I didn't do a head-to-head comparison against other receivers though -- mostly bought on the advice of people here and at AudioReview.com.
    I've very fussy about sound but by no means an audiophile. The Marantz has a very warm, detailed sound that's well suited for my wide-range of listening interests (classical, jazz, acapella, pop).
    I'm using the Marantz to power a pair of PSB Stratus Silver(i)'s up front and a SVS 20-39PC.
    Having said all that, if I were about to buy a new receiver, I might consider a model with Dolby Pro Logic 2.
    Also, with the Outlaws at their super-low price, I sure would be tempted by the 1050!
    Happy hunting!
  6. Steve_Ma

    Steve_Ma Second Unit

    May 7, 2001
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    I have the SR7000 driving a full B&W setup. Very musical speaker/receiver combo. The downside with the Marantz is it might lack some of the future proofing features of the Denon, but if music is your priority, the Marantz unit will make you smile for a long time. Check to see if they are suporting a 6.1/7.1 format yet. I know mine doesn't, but it's almost a year old.
    Good Luck,
  7. varon

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    Sep 2, 2000
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    Auditioned the Outlow vs. Marantz 7000
    The Marantz sounded better.
    No loss in details, and better bass, driving KEF Refernece (very demanding
    Look for Marantz 6200 & 7200 models (6.1 + DPL II !!!)
  8. John Morris

    John Morris Guest

    Okay, if I reduce my opinion to the most immediate order...
    1. Buy and use the Sherwood Newcastle R-956 receiver for less than $500 as I did on Ubid.
    2. Buy and use a Denon 3801 for around $550+. It is a very nice preamp when used n this fashion. And you can select 7.1 channels.......
    Take Care,
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  9. Samuel Des

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    Feb 7, 2001
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    I can only speak to the 3801 and the 1050. For my money, the 1050 is *by far* the superior value. The 1050 seems to me to do nearly everything as well as the 3801. To me, the major difference between the two receivers is in price and features, not build quality. In my opinion, both are good perfomers.
    So, if you want more features, add a plus to the Denon column. The superior value check mark, in my opinion, goes to the Outlaw column.
  10. Dalton

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    Aug 19, 2001
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    Rhode Island
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    I had the Marantz SR7000 for a year. I just picked up the SR7200 and all i can say is WOW. Marantz continues to put out a terrific receiver with great sound at a good price(paid $679). The new componet video switching and Pro Logic II are great extras. And of course 6.1 sound. I almost went with the Denon 3801 on a closeout deal($600) but I wanted to hear the Marantz first. Bye bye Denon hello SR7200. If you love movies and music, Marantz is the way to go(IMHO). My friend has an Outlaw and it does sound nice, just not as nice as the 7200. For a little extra $$ you won't be sorry with the Marantz(IMHO).
  11. ErichH

    ErichH Screenwriter

    Mar 1, 2001
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    I'm an Outlaw fan - and I had a Denon3801/Onkyo787/and the 1050
    in my room at the same time . The Outlaw just pleased me more - It's
    simple and clean , also , it's very under rated power was a nice supprise .
    The design is getting old , compared to the newer recievers with DPL2
    and EX/ES decoding , but my attitude was to use the 1050 until I could afford
    something like their new 950 pre and 7 channel amp and ICBM - Because of
    the supprising quality of the 1050 , I will look no further than Outlaw for
    my seperates when the time comes . Great Company !!!

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