OTA HD Reception: 50 miles, in woods, attic antenna? How Good?

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    Since I am upgrading to a new HDTV, I am considering OTA HD using a STB. I already have a large RS antenna in my attic which I use for my FM reception, and am wondering if I might get some free OTA HD where I live. I live in The Woodlands, approx 50 miles north of the TV towers in Missouri City.
    Is anyone currently getting good OTA HD reception up here?
    Is it likely that I will judging by the distance and being situated in the middle of a forest of 60 foot trees?
    If so, will this antenna work, or should I get another one?
    Finally, is the RCA 100 a good unit to get for this OTA reception?
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    As far as antennas go its a trial and error process. Usually a difficult one no matter where you live. All you can do is try the one you have, possibly moving it around your attic. Then maybe add an amplifier. If you're not satisfied try other anntennas. Good Luck!

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