Onkyo 595 receiver

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    I have had this receiver a while now I purchased it on it being the first or one of the first manufacturers to have the new Fosgates DPL2, This Onkyo has no parameter or dimension facilities I guess at its price you can't expect these extras,
    I would like to compare performance of this feature with any other members who have the same Onkyo 595 receiver, To be honest I am not that impressed with the performance of DLP2 on this receiver.
    I do understand that good serperation between L & R must exist within a stereo recording to make the DLP2 work ok.
    Iam not sure if it provides all its supposed to, old tapes, records etc. in rear channels L & R seperation and new life! , I dont think so! whos kidding who? maybe it's all subjective listening.
    Well guys give me your thoughts on this,maybe Iam missing something.
  2. PaulT

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    Oct 28, 2002
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    I find for TV viewing and plain 'Dolby Digital' encoded material the Movie mode works very well.

    I also am not impressed overall with the Music Mode of DPL2 and generally listen in Stereo Mode with the Sub turned on.

    This is with the 696 which must use the same processing as the 595.

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