Okay, got my RS SPL meter.. Now what??

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Tim, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. Tim

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    Oct 12, 2003
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    I will be using Digital Video Essentials dvd to set up, but am unsure as to what I am looking for. Should all my speakers(5 plus sub) be set as close to the same, or not?? Kinda confused....
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    Sep 29, 2003
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    Hi Tim,

    Put the meter at your listening position, about ear level. If you can place your meter on a tripod that would be best. Have it angled up at about a 45-degree angle, pointing up above the TV..."where the wall behind the TV meets the ceiling" is what I use.

    Set the meter for 80db, C Weighted, Slow response. Do not move, touch, bump, block or displace the meter at all during your calibration session.

    Play the pink noise from the DVD or from your receiver.

    Set the volume on your receiver so that the meter reads "0". "0" is 80db, when the meter is set to 80db.

    +5 is 85db, -5 is 75db. You get the idea.

    Using the trim controls for each channel, adjust each channel so they all read 80db on the meter. Most folks (me included) adjust the sub so that it's about 3-5db higher than the other channels, or 83-85db. You'll notice that if you set the sub even w/the other channels, there will be a perceived "lack of bass." You can play with the sub's level though.

    That's it. [​IMG] Happy listening!

    Pink noise at 80db can get very fatiguing, very quickly. Take a break and let your ears rest. Don't expect to get it done in 60 seconds. Take your time and do it right.
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    A couple of things to note. I believe the calibration disk you are using would put reference at 75. I heard (can't remember where, so I'm not sure of the accuracy) that the RS meter is more accurate at higher readings. That means you would want to set the meter at the 70 setting and calibrate to +5. If you do a search for the RS SPL meter correction values that will help you with calibrating the sub. The RS meter reads a tad low with those lower frequencies, so if you calibrate to 75 on the sub, you are actually 2-3 db hot already.


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