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    I currently have a sub setup, it is an Energy EXL-S10. I love it and am glad I purchased this particular one. It is setup with my Yamaha RX-V995. The rest of the speakers are JBL's. Everything sounds great but now for the dilemma.

    A buddy gave me a Sub amp. He got two of them in a deal and he is planning to build a sub with an Adire Tempest driver. Since he had 2 of them he let me have one to experiment with. I hooked it up with an old bazooka tube I had (6 1/4) and it works pretty well. Anyway, I got the DIY bug and want to build one as well. My question is how do I work both subs into the picture. The Energy is only a year old so the wife would kill me if I just scrap it for the new one, and I am not going to sell it.

    The amp is an Acoustic Research created by Sunfire Technology. It is rated at 500w RMS. He plans on setting it up as a bandpass.

    My dilemma is that I have no real floor space to place a new sub unless I go from our bedroom closet through the wall behind the entertainment center, which is what he plans for his home.

    So I have 3 questions:

    1- How do I make this sub and still operate both, feasible, worth it?

    2- With 2 subs should I get the Tempest or Shiva?

    3- What is the best way to accomplish this? Box type, Run through wall ...
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    Sell the Energy sub.

    Go with the Tempest if you have space for an 8 ft^3 enclosure.

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