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david makalaster

Jan 3, 2019
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Hello all. I'm a carpenter that specializes in high-end remodels. There's nothing I can't do and I specialize in cabinets and built-ins. Not bragging, just clarifying that any ideas or suggestions have the potential to materialize.

I have a bilevel home and on the lower level I have a large space that I want to divide up into 2 separate spaces but it will still be one large space. One half will be a living room and the other side will have an office space and a small dining table and chairs. I've always been a bit OCD when it comes to symmetry and I have a very strong idea of where I want to place the sub. It is driving the entire layout but I don't even have any idea is it will sound good or not. I want to put it under the center speaker. Please see the drawing. Also, because the are is open to the other area I'm not sure the best place for the rear speakers. I'm thinking I want to put them in the back wall on either side of the back of the couch. But I could build a side wall about 18" and install the speaker beside the couch. Or I could pull the couch out and build a shelf and use bookshelf speakers. I know some of these questions have been answered in other threads but I can't really find much on where I want to place the sub. The area is 10x14. My current equipment is a Yamaha Aventage receiver, Elac 5.1 with the bookshelf rears, 4 wall mount Bose that I'm not planning on using but would save space as rears, and 2 Paradigm ADP-170 V.2 Bipole/Dipole Rear Surround Speakers that I'm not planning on using. I mostly listen to music but definitely want movies to sound awesome too. Also, my goal is for this to be a comfortable mixed use space so I know I'm not going to hit things perfectly but I do want the best sound possible. Thanks in advance.

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