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Dec 25, 2012
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Just wanted to introduce myself. Been out of the A/V "game" for a while, but these forums reignited something . . . not sure if that's good or bad, but it's a bad thing for my wallet lol.
Looking to build up an entry level home theater. I'm not an audiophile, and don't make crazy money (CADD drafter is my full-time gig), so my spending is limited.
Been lurking around here for a few weeks, and so far have purchased:
* Jamo S426 5 piece speaker set after seeing a killer deal/free shipping on Amazon, and needing to replace my ten year old Kenwood HTIB surround speakers.
* Pioneer VSX-1022 replacing my four year old Harman Kardon AVR 154 (I still love this receiver, and will use it in a bedroom setup etc) but I needed more than the 30w/channel. Settled on the Pioneer after trying out the H/K AVR 1700 and being disappointed with the build quality. Best Buy also price matched it to Amazon's $250. Also, it's nice having the 7.1 option.
* 100 feet of 16 gauge MediaBridge speaker wire
* Ocelot Banana plugs
* My Kenwood HTIB sub is still kicking. Not the greatest, but it'll do until I save the funds to upgrade.
Everything should be here tomorrow, and will be temporarily set up in my bedroom. Staying with my parents to save money for a down payment on a house has it's limitations :( However, when looking for a place, I'm only going to consider properties with a potential for being converted into a home theater. I'm a DIY'er, and seeing some of these projects completed by you guys has me jealous with envy :P I love projects! Especially the planning phase, as well as saws, wood, drywall, lighting, everything lol. Can't wait until I can get into it.
Future things I'm interested in when I have room to build a home theater is a DIY screen, and Optoma HD20 projector.

Steve Tannehill

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Jul 6, 1997
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Steve Tannehill
Hi Dave, belated welcome to HTF! You've definitely come to the right place to build your home theater. And a lot of our members got started with a bedroom theater, too.
Again, welcome!

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