New gear - How do i calibrate?

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  1. Chip E

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    Nov 25, 2000
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    I have all this good,new, & fairly new equiptment but, i really am clueless how to calibrate any of it.. I do have Avia. Can anyone spell it out for me, lol.. (or direct me somewhere to find out how) Is it fairly easy ? My room is small -11'2" X 10'6" It all sounds incredible as it is but, i figure if calibrate the way some folks talk about doing here.... it'll be that much better?
    - Chip
    Mitsubishi 46807
    B&K AVR-307
    Dish 6000 HD receiver
    Sony S900ES dvd player
    Sony M-333ES mega changer
    Panny junkbox vcr
    PSB Stratus Silveri main's (gloss black)
    PSB Stratus C6i center channel (gloss black)
    Infinity QPS1 surround's (changeing to PSB Image 10S's)
    SVS 20-39PC
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    Jul 4, 2001
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    Does the Avia DVD not pretty much walk you through it? I know Video Essentials does.
    As far as calibrating beyond that, do some searching over on and you'll find tons of tweaks and manufacturer-specific discussions.

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