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Dec 23, 2002
Altec Lansing Proudly Reintroduces Legendary A7 Speaker

Altec Lansing Proudly Reintroduces Legendary A7 'Voice Of The Theatre' Speaker
Audio Classic Defined Movie Sound for Millions of Theatre Goers; Distinctive Sound Now Available at Home for a New Generation of High-End Collectors, Audiophiles
MILFORD, Pa., May 28 /PRNewswire/ -- In a world of disposable merchandise and here-today/gone-tomorrow brands, certain products have bucked the norm, generating a level of love and attachment among aficionados that is difficult for some to comprehend. The 1954 Fender Stratocaster guitar, for example. The 1936 Harley-Davidson EL. The 1941 Model 750 Wurlitzer jukebox.
Not the least in this pantheon is the legendary Altec Lansing A7 "Voice of the Theatre" speaker. Altec Lansing's "Voice of the Theatre" was the first and only speaker series to be approved by the Research Council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, making it the worldwide standard for motion picture playback. Introduced in the early 1950's, the A7 was the pinnacle of the "Voice of the Theatre" line, defining an era of sound reproduction for movie theaters, recording studios, even rock groups lasting nearly 40 years.

For many audio engineers and other discriminating audio lovers, the A7's unique sound was unmistakable ... completely memorable ... and totally unique. It quite probably has become the most listened-to speaker system in the world, thrilling millions of theater goers and others over its long and distinguished reign.

Altec Lansing now celebrates its heritage by reintroducing the incomparable A7 "Voice of the Theatre" loudspeaker system for a new generation of audio devotees. Manufactured in the USA using the same materials, the same specs and production drawings, even the same tools used in the original product, the A7 is once again ready to grace the homes and studios of consumers and other collectors who can appreciate an audio classic.

"The new A7 is a meticulous re-issue of our original product," said Mark Lucas, President and Chief Executive Officer of Altec Lansing Technologies. "Every detail, every specification is based on historic research and painstaking design analysis. For anyone from vacuum tube amplification fans to modern-day digital system lovers, the new A7 is a piece of history they can enjoy right in their own music room or home theater."

Faithful Reproduction

Nothing has been left to chance in the re-issue of the A7. In fact, the company's Golden Sample -- the product "mother" upon which all manufacturing is based-was acoustically matched to an original A7 to ensure the distinctive "Voice of the Theatre" sound is re-created in its full expression.

Boasting outstanding efficiency as well as incredibly dynamic and accurate performance, the A7 features a number of components that were breakthroughs in the field. The product's low frequency Model 515 Lansing® woofer, for example, is specifically designed to maximize the performance of the A7's bass horn cabinet, and was one of the industry's first drivers to use an edge- wound, copper-clad aluminum ribbon voice coil. Flat wire coils are a cornerstone of accuracy and efficiency, and were originally developed in 1924 by the group of Western Electric engineers who went on to found Altec Lansing. The Model 902 high frequency compression driver, also a part of the A7, features a 100% aluminum diaphragm for extended high frequency performance.

In some ways, performance of the A7 has actually been improved. Frequency response in the new product is now 35 Hz to 22 kHz (the first A7 achieved 20 kHz, generally regarded as the limit of human hearing); the crossover, while a match of the original, uses better components and techniques to accommodate modern media such as SACD or DVD-A.

Housing the A7's drivers is an individually-numbered speaker cabinet constructed of 13-layer Baltic Birch, finished with the signature "Voice of the Theatre" black splatter finish. The durable, acoustically refined enclosures are handmade to the highest modern standards.

Available Exclusively Via Company Website

Priced at $4,000 per loudspeaker, Altec Lansing's new A7 speakers are available only via the company's corporate website. To purchase A7 "Voice of the Theatre" speakers, or for more information about the A7 and Altec Lansing's family of Powered Audio products, log on to www.alteclansing.com..


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Jack Briggs

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Jun 3, 1999
In 1970 I fantasized about owning a pair of those behemoths, and powering them with a McIntosh MC2100 amp. Got wise and stuck with more modern speaker technology. But the A7 was a classic design. Not supremely accurate, but as effificient as a Klipschorn, its natural enemy in the food chain.

Reminds me of when Marantz reintroduced its classic tube Model 7 preamp and Model 8 stereo amp in the late 1980s (but with current-era connectors): They were faithful clones, but not quite the same as owning mint-condition samples of the real thing.

Parker Clack

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Jun 30, 1997
Kansas City, MO
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As in the 70's when you could buy the parts for this puppy and build the cabinets yourself I have wanted the VOTs in my system all this time. I am glad to hear that they have decided to put it back into production but at $4,000 a piece they are way out of my price range as they were when they were only $500 a piece in the 70s.

I would LOVE to hear a 5.1 setup with the VOTs. It would sound unreal.


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