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need advice about HVAC - ceiling cassette vs bulkhead unit (1 Viewer)


Sep 11, 2020
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Hi, I own an office that I want to convert to a soundproofed "Home" Theatre. I've had studios built for me before so the soundproofing and design is no problem. There is an existing ducted HVAC system with a ceiling concealed fan coil unit that is 380mm high and roughtly 900mm W and 900mm D. In order to build the required floating "room with in a room", I need to either replace or relocate my Fan coil unit to create ceiling height. If I swapped it for a ceiling cassette unit I could fit it between 2 ceiling joists holding up my inner leaf ceiling, and still block of the top of where the cassette would be to stop sound leaking thrpugh there. self noise on the low fan setting is rated at 32 dbA, which is OK. Not sure if I'd be required to get fresh air into the room, as well as stale air extracted, or how that would be done without sound escaping through the large holes required for each (air baffles on either side of each perforation?).

A more attractive option maybe to install a unit that could fit under a bulkhead with supply vents on the side and air return underneath. It should be even quieter, look more slick but be more expensive because I think it would need a dedicated outdoor unit to match it (instead of connecting to the existing Mitsubishi City Multi outdoor unit).

And there's a 3rd option. To move the existing large unit to a rear corner, build a larger bulkhead around it along with side vents for air supply, but also another bulkhead across the other side of the room for air return. This system has been suggested by a sound room designer who says this sytem will be best. One advantage is that it uses the existing unit (no need for a new replacement)and cab be connected to the exiting outdoor unit. Downside is that the suppy side bulkhead will need to come down more than 500mm from the existing ceiling (not the proposed false one), and also that I would require another bulkhead at the other end for air return.

Now, I'm assured that all 3 solutions do NOT require any duct work, which is important to gain the desired ceiling height. So, setting aside the fresh air inlet / outlet issue, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the best way to proceed. My favourite option would be the middle one, the single bulkhead for supply and return, if I didn't need a new outside unit. If I do, then that becomes my least favoured solution (too expensive).

Any thoughts or further questions would be most welcome. Thanks for reading!


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