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Jul 21, 2002
Hey Guys,

I would like to build a sub for both music and HT. My room is about 18'x15' with concrete floor. After spending days trying to place the fronts for decent bass, I've discovered the room is a bass vacuum.

Anyways, after some research, I'm looking at getting the AVA250 sub amp and the Tempest driver. I'm quite new to all this and have no clue what Q and Fc are, but based on the enclosure descriptions I'd like to go with either the EBS or Adire Alignment.

I've never done any wood work before, so I hope the cabinet isn't too hard to build. I've also taken a look at that WinISD program I see mentioned in this forum... no clue how the heck to use it.

Anyone have comments on this project? Does the amp/sub/enclosure sound like it would fit my room size? Is there another combo that would be better for the same price or cheaper? I'm in Canada, if it makes a difference.

Bob K

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 29, 2003

I have the Tempest/AVA 250 combination in a "mid-Q" sealed box in a larger, vaulted room that opens out into another large, vaulted room. One significant difference is your concrete floor, which might be a factor (just guessing here) in your perceiving the room to be a "bass vacuum." At all events, everyone has their favorite, but I love my Tempest, which puts out more than enough bass for me!

Tempest Construction Pix: http://www.audiocircle.com/circles/m...view_album.php

Wayne Ernst

Senior HTF Member
Feb 24, 2002

Your combo sounds like a good one. I have a similar room size. I was utilizing a 15" Dayton DVC (quite similar to the Tempest) and driving it with a 200 watt (@ 4 Ohms) plate amplifier. However, my cabinet was a little small - at 87 or so liters. This led to a "Q" a little higher than I would have liked - but, still very acceptable.

My combo never disappointed me. Plenty of bass for movies and music. In fact, my daughter who sleeps up on the 3rd level of our place, called down often to "ask" me to turn things down. My sub was also located in a room with cement floors.

I think you desire to use the Tempest/250 watt combo is a great starting point - now, just review some box designs that will work for you and you'll be all set.

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