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Basement Open Media Room 5.2.2 or 5.2.4 (1 Viewer)


Mar 19, 2021
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Hello All,

New member here posting for the first time. I am in the process of finishing my basement, currently about 3/4 of the way through framing. I am looking for some advice on speaker placement in my theater area and welcome any general suggestions as I am new to the AV world. You can see my layout below. I plan to sit about 10' from a 85" TV and will leave my seating about 1' off the rear wall. I will have a 7' 10" finished ceiling height. I have some gift cards to Emotiva so am planning to use their C1/B1+ for my L/R/C. I am considering B1+ for my surrounds as well is there is a bipole near that price range that I could apply here. I think I will just go with Micca 8-C's for my in ceiling atmos speakers. I am not positive what sub, receiver, or TV I will get yet but I have some time on those. I want to solidify my speaker placement as I will start pulling wires relatively soon. I am planning to DIY some acoustic panels to target the contralateral reflections and rear wall.

In this setup with the rear heights 2" from the wall they are about 28 degrees behind the listeners ears. Given this non-ideal layout do you think it is beneficial to go with 5.1.4 or would be better to just stay with 5.1.2?

I am planning to put the surrounds on wall mounts off the rear wall and swivel them towards the MLP. Im thinking I can play with this angle as the rear wall reflections may make it harder to "locate" the speakers if I stick with monopoles. I have the R/L set 30 degrees from the MLP and have both sets of height channels in line with those. This puts the rear height almost on top of the surrounds. Do you think I should leave it like this or pull the height channels in closer to the MLP?

Thanks for any help!
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