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Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by GIZ, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    Good afternoon all,
    I am new to posting to the Forum so please bare with me. As most of you may know Tweeter is going under. I recently purchased an MX-980 Universal Remote. It was the display unit so there was no software available. With UR becoming so stringent on who is allowed to obtain the software, I got nothing and no help from Tweeter. Couldn't pass up the deal so I am taking my chances. Anyone out there willing to burn me a copy of it or know where I can get it online. Because the MX-980 is part of UR's professional line it is not listed on the companies software download list. I have owned an MX-800 for about 4 years so I am not new the process, i just need the software. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!
    Thank you in advance,
    New user,
    Jon Gizzi
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    Jon: Welcome to the forum. I would call the manufacturer and explain your exact situation and that you need the software to make the remote work.

    My expectation is they will probably send the software...or tell you how to download it.

    I purchased a battery back-up power supply for my wife's PC in a clearance rack at my local BJs a few years ago. There was no packaging or instructions. I went to hook it up and realized I needed a unique data cable to connect the power supply with the PC. I called the manufacturer (told them about the circumstances of the purchase) and they sent me the cable, software disc, manual, etc. [​IMG]

    But this is definitely a YMMV situation.

    The unit was cheap, works great, and has saved my wife's work (she's a writer) on a number of occasions. A great deal.

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