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Nov 28, 2004
Hey all,

I'm in the process of building a house right now and I'm looking at multizone systems. In this post I have a couple of questions...

1. I'm looking at six zones which I plan to break down into 14 speakers. 2 for 5 of the zones and then 4 in the master wired in series. I know the series idea isn't ideal but the MB is really long and I wanted to cover the entire area rather than break it into two zones. So, the first question is this.... When buying a fair number of speakers, is it reasonable to expect a pretty decent deal on pricing?

2. As with any new house the living room is suddenly the "theatre room", so I need some speakers for that room as well. Should I stick with the same brand throughout the house or are there some real differences? In my old house I had a full Klipsh system and loved it. Although, I've read a bit about the Parasound systems and they seep pretty nice. Although, with that many speakers.. this could get pricey and I don't have a ton of bucks to spend. So... match the speakers or focus on the room? I'm leaning towards focus on the room.

3. Ok, so branding.... In the last issue of Home Theatre they covered a few in wall speakers and they ranged from about 400 to 600 per pair. I know very little about the inwalls, where can I go to learn more, or do I just simply read more reviews? The zone speakers will almost always be musically based, and the theater speakers will only ever be movies, etc. Which brands should I focus on, price point, etc.

4. Inwall and inceiling... I went online to some manufacturer sites and noticed that there are those two types essentially. I don't want to limit the quality by going with some elevator type in ceiling speaker that can't produce bass or the full range of music... am I off base here? It seems like, from a novice perspective, that the inwalls would be a better choice for a zonal system... no?

Thanks for the feedback

Philip Hamm

Senior HTF Member
Jan 23, 1999
I say get yourself a good contractor.

I have round in-ceiling speakers from Proficient in my house, the single point stereo speakers in my kitchen and dining room were about $150 each, and they sound good. Not audiophile but there is enough bass and I'm happy with them. They were recommended by my contractor.

http://www.inwallstore.com has lots of nice ideas.

Square speakers look funny in the ceiling. Rounds are much more attractive aesthetically, and they don't have to sound like tinny mall speakers.

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