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    I have just come across the Monitor Silver line of speakers. Although I have not heard them, they seem to have a similiar build, as in driver size, and cost to the Paradigm 7 and Axiom M60. The Monitor Audio speaker in particular is the Silver 6.

    Here's the link:

    From what I have read it seems that the upper octave is fantastic but the bass driver 'drowns' out the sound of a thin midrange. This is quite different than the Axiom, which is slightly more forward, and Paradigm which is more laid back in the mid and highs. I basically want to listen to three different types of speakers which has similiar physical characteristics and costs. I thoroughly enjoyed the Paradigm Studios, however the cost and fact I have a mid level Onkyo has detered the purchase.

    Has anybody heard the Monitor Audio Series? They have Gold, Silver, and Bronze which seems to mate fairly well, in cost, to Paradigm Studio, Monitor, and Performance Series.
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    I auditioned many, many, many speakers ( including those you mentioned ) and decided on the MA Silver series. I liked the S6 but felt the S8 had more depth and mid-range for my taste. ( I purchased the Velodyne HGS-15 for the low stuff) Got a great deal so ended up with the S8’s and Silver LCR. I am using older Infinity satellites as surrounds for the moment.
    I will be running them with a Denon 3803.

    Unfortunately I can’t give you my impressions from my home yet. My receiver is not due to arrive until next week. I have been sitting on my sofa staring at S8’s, LCR and sub for the past 8 days. 2 impressions I can give at this time – 1) The MA’s are great looking and extremely well built 2) NEVER, NEVER set up your speakers before your receiver arrives……….the anticipation is brutal.

    Any further questions let me know.


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