Marantz SR4023 Problem

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Phi-Gam, Mar 13, 2014.

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    Andrew Ross
    So I picked up a Marantz SR4023 about 4 days ago, and out of the box hooked it up to a pair of Polk Audio R50s for "System A" and Polk Audio R40s for "System B", with no subwoofer. Everything was working perfectly, and the whole system could put out like crazy.

    Then today when I had to move some stuff to get the Marantz to fit better on my shelf, I had to unplug things, and when I hooked everything back up, the left side (both System A and System B) didn't really work (only had very gargled distorted sounds coming out with the volume way up). I am currently waiting on 10 pairs of banana plugs and a Marantz SR5004 to come in the mail, but in the meantime I am just hooking everything up the old fashioned way to the SR4023.

    My question is this: I have concluded that it IS NOT the speakers, as they work perfectly when hooked up to System A and B's right side. So, what should I do? How can I fix this?

    Again, everything was working this morning when I left for class, but as soon as I unplugged everything and hooked it all up again, the left side just does not want to work.

    Please help!

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    Sounds like that channel is fried. There is no "A" and "B" they are both the same amp channel and are techincally not intended to be used at the same time. Those speakers aren't demanding, so I doubt it had to do with them. So pretty much just wait for the new AVR to arrive or listen to one channel.

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