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Marantz SR14EX DD-EX & DTS surround sound receiver (1 Viewer)

Chris PC

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May 12, 2001
I am selling my Marantz SR 14EX. The Marantz SR 14EX was over $4000.00 plus when it first came out. This unit is amazing. Sounds great for music and is amazing for movies. Noticabley more power and dynamic range for all material vs many other high end receivers. Sounds awesome. Comes with original box, owners manual an RC-5200 remote (an upgrade from the RC-5000 that came with the receiver).

Some of the things that make this an awesome receiver are the parts involved with the sound quality. The 14EX has five 140 watt torodial power amps, HDAM pre-amps for higher than average sound quality and a copper chassis. This receiver will do 7.1 DD EX with 6 or 7 channels. Here are the features listed below.

• THX SURROUND EX decoding to reproduce an extra channel
which has been added during the mixing of the program.
• Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound decoding, plus THX Cinema
processing, Dolby Pro Logic decoding and a variety of additional
surround modes.
• HDCD decoding capability to deliver the full sonic benefits of
HDCD-encoded CDs from a standard non-HDCD CD player when
connected to the SR-14EX via the player ’s digital output.
• 96 kHz/ 24 bit decoding for highest possible fidelity and
bandwidth, and high-resolution playback of 96 kHz/ 24 bit PCM
audio sources.
• Poly Silicon high resolution 8 ch Volume control
• Selectable main input terminals (L/R or Surr.Back L/R)
• 140 watts to each of the five main channels; the power amp section
features an advanced, premium high- storage power supply
capacitors, and fully discrete output stages housed in cast
aluminum heat sinks .
• High Definition Amplifier Module (HDAM) discrete pre-amp output
• 7.1 channel pre-amp outputs for connection to external
components such as a subwoofer and external power amplifiers.
• Six-channel direct inputs accommodate future surround sound
formats or an external digital decoder.
• Six Digital inputs, for connection to other sources, such as DVD,
DSS, CD or LD.
• Two Digital outputs for connection to CD-R or MD.
• High-quality AM/FM tuner with 50 station presets.
• Source Direct switch bypasses, tone controls and bass
management for purest audio quality.
• Three sets of Y/Pr/Pb component video inputs and component
video outputs provide unsurpassed video quality and switching
flexibility from component video sources.
• On- Screen- Display with both Composite and “S” video.
• Front panel A/V inputs, with S-video .
• Easy to use on-screen menu.
• Multi-room capability offers independent control of a second room
audio and video system.
• Normally supplied with RC5000i programmable learning remote control but my unit comes with an upgrade to the RC5200 remote.

Asking $995.00 or best offer plus shipping. I am open to offers, so please feel free to make an offer.

Here are some photo's:

Front with door closed:

Front with door open:

Back of SR14EX:

Open to offers. If you are interested and in the area, bring some CD's over and give it a thorough listen.

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