"Mack" extended warranty??

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    Has anyone heard of this? It is available through several of the on-line retailers and appears to be through an audio/video store in New Jersey. They offer a 4 year extended warranty for $80 or $90. I think you have to mail the item to them to be repaired though.... Anyway, I am shopping for a new DVD player (most likely a Panasonic RP91) and am interested in an extended warranty. I had a Panasonic DVD A-120 and it died on me just after the one year factory warranty expired. So, I am once bitten, twice shy....
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    never heard of 'Mack', but i know that most online places will sell you an extra year or two for a moderate price. jandr has an extra two years (i think) for $20 and four for $40. almost everywhere will offer this 'cause they usually aren't taken up on it, so it's got a big profit margin.
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    Feb 7, 2001
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    I went through a tiff with AMDV.com, but was fortunate to get my money back after some wrangling. During my complaint process, I found that -- along with AMDV.com -- Mack was being investigated for two consumer complaints by the NJ Consumer Complaints Division in Union County. This was in late-April to early-May 2001.
    As a lucky side benefit of my "wrangling," I happened to get a free extended Mack warranty on top of my money back. In changing the registration, Mack has not been the most responsive. (But I am not one to complain when I got the warranty for free.) If you ask for my opinion, I am not impressed, and would not recommend Mack or AMDV.com.
    On the pro side, Mack is reputed to be among the oldest warranty groups in New Jersey. Whether that will translate into good service is unclear.
    Best of luck!
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