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FS: BenQ PE 8720 DLP Projector + extended Warranty (and lamps) (1 Viewer)

Ron Boster

Jan 10, 1999
I bought this from an authorized dealer. This is a refurbished unit with an extended warranty. The warranty is from Mack Camera (bought through a power buy AVS Forum). The unit has appox. 1,200 hours on it. The current lamp in the unit has appox. 485 hours on it and I have a second lamp that I will include that has appox. 690 hours on it.

The Mack 4 year projector warranty is transferable for a $20 fee. There is also a 3 year lamp service contract, which would entitle the owner to another lamp during the contract period. The warranties started with the purchase of the projector on 5/07.

Here's the review from projector central:

Review: BenQ PE8720 Home Theater Projector

Here are the specs/info from BenQ features the Darkchip3:

Brightness (Lumens) : 1000 ANSI
Contrast (Full On/Off) : 6200:1
Variable Iris: Yes
High Brightness:
ANSI Lumens: 1000
Contrast Ratio: 6200:1
High Contrast:
ANSI Lumens: **
Contrast Ratio: 10000:1
Audible Noise: 26.0 dB
Eco-Mode: 23.0 dB
Weight: 20.0 lbs
Size (inches) (HxWxD) : 7.7 x 19.4 x 15.5
Std. Lens: Focus:
Zoom: Manual, 1.35:1
Throw Dist (feet) : 6.5 - 53.2
Image Size (inches) : 36.9 - 405.5
Optional Lenses: No
Digital Zoom: Yes
Digital Keystone: No
Lens Shift: Vertical
Networking: Wired:
Wireless: No
Warranty: 3 Years
H-Sync Range: 15.0 - 75.0kHz
V-Sync Range: 50 - 100Hz
HDTV: 720p, 1080i, 576i
EDTV/480p: Yes
SDTV/480i: Yes
Component Video: Yes
Video: Yes
Digital Input: HDMI (HDCP)
Computers: Yes
Display: Type:
0.8" DLP (1)
Color Wheel Segs: 8
Color Wheel Speed: 5x
Native: 1280x720 Pixels
Maximum: **
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (HD)
Lamp: Type:
250W **
Life: 2000 hours
Eco-Mode Life: 3000 hours
Quantity: 1
Speakers: No
Max Power: 320W
Voltage: 100V - 240V
FCC Class: B
Special: Picture-in-Picture

I am buying a BenQ W5000 1080P projector. I will be gaining some brightness (but same DC3 and contrast) and resolution. Let me know if you have any questions? I have all original packing materials. I'll ship to the lower 48 states + insured for a delivered price of $985.00

Thanks for looking
Ron Boster

Ron Boster

Jan 10, 1999
For those interested in buying and would like pics, please email me at [email protected]. Also, the question on how long the warranty lasts:

The Projector warranty starts from the expiration of the BenQ warranty. So the projector warranty is through April of 2012.

The Lamp warranty starts from the date of purchase. So the lamp is through April of 2010. Remember you get a free lamp through the warranty period. That's $350 value for FREE.

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