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    I am a "long time reader...first time poster" (why I've waited this long to participate is beyond me), so first off I would like to thank everyone here for providing the best home entertainment resource I am yet to come across. The information I've read from here along with audioreview have guided me on practically all of the purchases I have made so far, and so far I have been thrilled with each one. Anyway, 'tis the season once again, and there's nothing quite like giving yourself a little something for being a good boy all year. My problem is (if you can call it a problem [​IMG] ) that I'm not sure what to do next. My system currently consists of :
    Sony 36" XBR 400
    Denon AVR 3300
    Paradigm Studio 80 mains
    Paradigm Studio CC
    Paradigm Studio 20 rears
    Paradigm PW2200
    Sony DVP-S7700
    Denon DCM 360 5 disc changer
    Sony A-50 Satellite Receiver
    and a dust collecting Sony VCR
    with mix Kimber and Straight Wire cables.
    Roughly 50/50 music to HT use
    At first I was thinking an amp, since I've heard Studio speakers sound far better than mine do, but after using a Classé CA-151(150w x 2) in house for a while (only amp my local shop had for demo at the time), I was underwhelmed with the 2 channel performance in my Studio 80's over my AVR 3300. My setup is in my bedroom for the next few months, and the room is an acoustic nightmare. I was thinking maybe the poor performance was due to the room, or perhaps my expectations were just too high.
    My local HT store recommended a Classé CAV-75 (75 x 6) and to bridge the channels to power my front speakers. I thought this was a little peculiar, with amps from Parasound and Rotel receiving such high praise, especially with Paradigm speakers, but I'm just an amateur, so what do I know [​IMG] . In addition to an amplifier, I've also been pondering things such as a Denon AVR 4802, progressive scan DVD player, new CD player(I find myself using the 7700 for most of my music listening for now), and or an all in one remote of some sort(I think I'm a hard button fan) . I'm hoping to stay in the $1,500 - $2,000 range. If anyone has any input, recommendations or experience with anything that would help, or put the biggest smile on my face after setting it up, please let me know.
    Looking forward to any feedback, and thanks in advance!
  2. Evan S

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    You don't really say in your post what your goals are...kick ass HT, or great 2 channel stereo sound...but it sounds like you want quality 2 channel performance.

    IMO, you need a better source. Using the Sony DVD to play CD's will negate any performance benefits you could gain from the external amp or your great speakers because they only amplify and carry what the source is sending it.

    Get a dedicated music only source that rocks and you will see a marked improvement on the sound of your system.

    Trust me, I have a Sony DVP-360 playing my CD's in my HT system and I'm just chomping at the bit to get the SCD-555ES so that music finally will sound tolerable again.

    And by the way, I have the same speakers you have (Studio 40's, 20's and the CC) and I know what I speak of here. I've had friends bring over even the simplist CD only players and the improvement is entirely noticeable.

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