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    Aug 25, 2001
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    I was wondering what the drawbacks are to mounting my speakers near the ceiling in the corners of the room.
    I have to set everything up in the living room with a couch, loveseat, chair setup so there is no real "sweet spot". The tv is on a 9' wall at the top of the room with an open doorway on both sides. If I were to put the mains next to the tv, I fear they may not cover the whole seating area. There is also no room to spread them out on the floor because of the doorways.
    The room is 20' x 16'
    61" Sony HS10
    Onkyo 595
    JBL Northridge series (10" sub)
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  2. ErikE

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    Sep 4, 2001
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    For what it's worth, my experience with placing the front speakers high is it messes up the imaging too much. I recently did this and found it acceptable for 2-channel music but definitely detracted from home theater viewing as the soundfield seemed detached from the action on the screen, or sounds that panned across the front went high-low-high as they crossed the center channel.
    Another thing to consider is if you put the speakers up into the corners you are essentially corner loading them which very well could result in some boominess.
    Finally, living in earthquake country, I found no aesthetically pleasing way to adequately anchor the speakers that did not involve drilling them.
    I ended up taking the speakers down and replacing them with floor standing ones.
    Hope this helps.
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    Unles you own Bose speakers, don't place them high and in corners. [​IMG]

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