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Second Unit
Feb 21, 2002
Well- I must say I am quite pleased with the new Outlaw estimates on ship dates for the 950. I reserved in April, and was certain that my unit would not be ready until late summer or early fall. Well, now it looks like if everything goes as planned, I will have my 950 in hand in late June. Not bad!

Andrew B.

Jeffrey Forner

Jun 19, 1999
I received the e-mail as well today. I put my name on the list back in February, so I won't be getting mine until the middle of June at the earliest. I expected the wait to be about that long, but I don't think it will be an easy one to endure.

You see, I just received my Outlaw 750 amp today, which I purchased used from a member of the Forum. The unit looks great and I can't wait to use it. It just busts me up that it will have to sit dormant for a month before I can try it out.

And for anyone interested, here is what the newsletter said:

While the next edition of our regular Outlaw Newsletter isn't scheduled for another few weeks, we have two important items that merit your attention at this time.

The primary purpose of this newsletter is bring you an update on the progress of the Model 950 production, and to let those of you who have reserved a unit know where you stand in terms of the delivery schedule.

As you read this we have already shipped a substantial number of Model 950s. For those who are interested, the vast majority of those who placed reservations in December have converted their reservations to orders, and as a result there has been very little fallout to enable us to spread the available units further down the list.

In terms of where we are in terms of notifying those on the reservations list that their unit is available, everyone who reserved a Model 950 during December should have at least received the e-mail notifying them that a unit was available, and most orders placed against December reservations have already been shipped. If you believe that you placed a reservation in December and were not notified, please contact us with the particulars of your reservation confirmation

Moving forward, the next production runs are now underway, and based on their progress we are able to offer the following estimated schedule for everyone on the reservation list:

· We have already begun to send the notification e-mail to those who placed reservations in January, and all January reservations should be notified by the end of May. All orders placed against January reservations should ship by the end of the week of June 3rd.

· If you placed a reservation in February or March, you should receive the notification e-mail during the first two weeks of June. If you convert your reservation to an order, expect your Model 950 to within a week or so after the order is received.

· If you placed a reservation in April, you will receive the notification e-mail in mid-June and the product should ship towards the end of June.

· If you placed a reservation in May, you will receive the notification e-mail towards the end of June and your unit will ship in early July.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is based on our best estimates at this time. We will do everything possible to move the schedule forward where we can, including the continued use of airfreight from the factory to our warehouse. However, as we've all learned the hard way over the past few months, sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. Please use these dates as a guide, and we'll let you know if an unanticipated issue causes any major slippage.

As always, we appreciate your patience in staying with us as we do our best to get the Model 950 to you as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Our second item for this brief newsletter is to let you know that the Outlaws will be out in force at the annual Home Entertainment Expo at the New York Hilton from May 30th through June 2nd. All of our products will be there for you to see or listen to; including the Model 950, Model 770, ICBM and our PCA, PDO and new PSC interconnects. For those who are curious about how our products sound but don't want to audition them in their own homes, this is the perfect opportunity to hear what all the excitement is about.

Of course, we want to extend a special invitation to those who are already Outlaws to come up and see us. Our dynamic customer service duo of Scott Jackson and Mike Sandock will be there, and you may even have a chance to see some of the other Outlaws come out from behind their masks. This is the place to put a face to those anonymous e-mail messages and names, as well as your opportunity to ask us questions about your Outlaw gear.

If you are anywhere in the New York area during the Home Entertainment Expo, please come up and see us!

That's all for now. We'll be back with full newsletter after we return from the New York Show with all the latest Outlaw news and updates.


The Outlaws

Ron Reda

Senior HTF Member
Jul 27, 2001
I received the same e-mail. I got on the list at the end of April, so I'm guessing I'll get mine in early July (fingers crossed). That's great because I wasn't expecting to get the unit until the end of August, so :D

Brian Kleinke

Supporting Actor
Sep 9, 1999
I'm looking at some time in June as well... But I doubt I'll get it then :frowning: June will be expensive since that's when I'm getting Married and I'm goig to buy a new car this fall :)
My Sony Pre-Amp is still sounding fine, I really can't keep spending money on my HTF :)

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