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kenwood sovereign receiver 5700 any good? (1 Viewer)

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003
they had an open box version of it, with no remote or wires, just the component for $599, and im wodneirng if its worth it? it has no remote, so im wodnering if its possble for me to just order a replacement remote form kenwood or something. this was at my local Good Guys.

its 5.1, and im perfectly fine with that, since i dont intend on using 6.1 anytime soon


my only concern is whether or not the receiver may be faulty, since its display and its the last one with no remote and wires as is.

is this receiver worth 600 by itself?

Jimi C

Feb 22, 2004
The high end kenwood receivers all come with lcd touchscreen remotes so i would imagine getting a replacement will be expensive.

My refurb kenwood vr6070 came with a 90 day warranty (which turned out to be very helpful, fyi) i would assume that the floor model would be covered under a similar warranty.

It looks like a good deal to me. The msrp is $1,850. If you dont like it im sure you can get at least $600 for it on Ebay.

Aaron Gilbert

Second Unit
Sep 17, 2003
That's an excellent price for a great receiver. I have the VR-5090, which is a step below. The remote for the VR-5700 isn't too bad as receiver remotes go (these days), only being $143. You can get it either from Kenwood or a parts distributor.

Most open box items sold at retail stores come with the FULL manufacturers warranty, which in this case would be three years. I would definitely check with The Good Guys on that before purchasing.

That receiver can actually process 6.1, by the way, except there are only five amplifiers built in. So, to get the surround back channel, you need to get an external amplifier connected to the preamp outputs. There are left and right surround back outputs, but they carry the same signal. The receiver will easily drive four ohm speakers set to large in all five channels if so desired. Despite the age (now about three years), DD/DTS signal lock on is the fastest I've yet seen having both optical and coaxial on each of the seven digital inputs is great. The video conversion all the way to component is nice, also.

The Kenwood Sovereign line is/was severely underrated, in my opinion. As long as you are getting a reasonable warranty and realize the actual price is another $143 for the remote, I say it's still a pretty good deal. These receivers I believe go for over $800 on eBay, often times new, but even so, may come with no warranty at all.


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Nov 1, 2002

They have the same receiver at ecost for $569. You can get an extended warranty and you dont have to worry about it being an open box item and you get the remote. Here is the link for it: VR5700 Sovereign

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