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JVC RS40 3D front projector brand new un-used (1 Viewer)

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
Looking for $3900.00. I bought a JVC RS40 but I have not picked it up yet because I have put my house up for sale. It is sitting brand new at the dealer. I sold my house and I am moving. I was going to set up the RS40 in my new place, but my financial situation is not great right now. I may pick up a flatscreen tv for my home theatre for now and save up for a projector next year. If you buy my projector, I will get a receipt dated the day it is picked up from the dealer, so you have full warranty. I really do not want to sell this, but I'm kinda stuck. I am in Pickering and the projector is in the Kitchener area. Arrangements can be made to meet at the dealer or I can go and pick it up and meet you elsewhere. I would much prefer not shipping this projector, but depending on your location, if you aren't too far, I may be willing to deliver, or at least meet you half way. I am willing to work something out. Includes: Original box manual and remote all brand new un-used.

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