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Just upgraded to a LARGE 77” 4K 120hz LG G1 OLED (1 Viewer)


Feb 14, 2022
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Edward Henry
I am upgrading a piece at a time and I just had my LG G1 77” TV installed (An upgrade from my 10+ year old Panasonic TC-P58VT25 1080P Plasma tv). I am looking to pair it with a receiver that I can initially setup as a 5.1 system but that will allow 2 Atmos speakers up to two subwoofers though I think a single 12” is sufficient for my 5’x16’ room, max setup options are 5.2.2 or 7.2.2 in the future.

My current speakers are 4 Ohm Vienna Acoustics Concert Grand Symphany Editions, I have Mozart Front left/Right ( http://www.vienna-acoustics.com/ind...rt-grand-series/mozart-grand-symphony-edition), and Waltz (http://www.vienna-acoustics.com/index.php/products/concert-grand-series/waltz-grand ) for surround left right AND using a Waltz surround speaker as a Center Channel, and a Rel T2 Subwoofer, looking into 12” SVS to replace it.

I need to either buy a used Maestro Center channel (http://www.vienna-acoustics.com/index.php/products/concert-grand-series/maestro-grand) to match up with what I have AND another Waltz to allow for 7.1 OR replace them with an 8 Ohm 5.1 setup.

Any ideas on the best receiver to get? Looking at Marantz, Denon and Integra now, and if need be 8 Ohm speakers at least as good as the 4 Ohm Vienna Acoustic speakers.
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Jan 2, 2022
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Just came across your post and, being as no-one has replied, I thought I would give you at least some feedback.
So many unknowns in your list makes it difficult to offer specifics, but one thing I have learnt and would recommend is, get a receiver with pre-amp outputs to allow the use of external power amps. Your 4 ohm speakers, despite being relatively efficient, will challenge any typical receiver.
I don't have a huge room, though somewhat larger than yours, I don't listen at reference level, nor do I use a sub, it's a simple 5.0 set up. I have a good, but modest Denon receiver (AVR-X3500) and found the audio experience was greatly improved by adding external amplifiers and that with a 6 ohm centre and 8 ohm mains and surround speakers, all rated at 90/91 dB. The 3500 is capable of 5.2.2, I would presume the later versions (3600, 3700), would also be the same, but they are unlikley to cover your potential 7.2.2 requirement.

If you are happy with the sound from the Vienna Acoustics, stick with them and get receiver / additional amplification to suit.
Pretty much all receivers will work with your speakers, it's whether they will meet your expectations, particularly when it comes to volume. A set of 5 x 4 ohm speakers will certainly make most, if not all receivers "sweat", especially at higher sound levels, and you could well damage your speakers if pushed too hard.

Start off with a receiver (I am sure most would recommend those you listed and probably Yamaha too), and see how you go.
I am not familiar with Vienna Acoustic speakers or their sound signature, but a comment I can make about receivers is that I have found Denon to generally offer a somewhat warmer, slightly fuller sound than Yamaha.

Ultimately, it's your room and your ears and only you can decide what sounds right to you.

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