Upgrading from Computer Speakers (SLS Q-Line Gold vs. Onkyo HT-S6300)

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    Hey everyone!

    I currently have a set of Logitech X-540's that i am using as a sound system plugged into the headphone jack of my 42" LG TV and was looking to upgrade to a real sound system. So ill just start off with what i am looking at buying:

    1) 5 Piece Kevlar Driver and Ribbon Tweeter Surround Sound Speaker Set for SLS Q-Line Gold Home Theater System (from AV-Express) - $155
    2) Sony STRDH820 7.1 Channel 3D AV Receiver (from Amazon) - $279
    3) Acoustic Audio PSW-10 400 Watt 10" Audiophile Series Powered Subwoofer (from TheDeepDiscount) - $118

    These three plus some standard cables for the entire hookup would total me just under $600. I was looking to get some feedback on this, and any suggestions if anyone has any better ideas. I haven't heard of SLS up until recently while looking for speakers, but they seem to be a very good deal for the price. I noticed that the sub and receiver were the weakest part of the system so i decide to just get the speakers and get a better Sub and receiver. Same goes for the Acoustic Audio Sub, but i read an owners forum for them, and everybody that has owned one seems to be pretty happy and the price seems pretty good for the quality of the product. The Sony receiver is fairly new so there aren't many reviews about, but the earlier model seems to have good reviews and is almost the same price.

    The other option i was looking at was an Onkyo HT-S6300 HTIB. This option would be much cheaper ( I am a college student with not a ton of money). I was wondering how the sound quality compared to the SLS speakers? Would it be that noticeable of a difference or should i save my money?

    I'm sure both of these would be a huge improvement coming from X-40's and would just like to get the best bang for my buck. My goal is to keep this setup under $600 so if you have any suggestions, please stay close to this number. The room these will end up in is a 10'x20' room.

    Thanks for the Help!
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    How did you choose your equipment? Did you cruse the Internet or did you listen in person. What chances do you think that any of us have listened to these two systems to give you an opinion, and even if we did why should you value our opinion.

    The reason I say this is speaker selection is a very individual choice and should be based on what sounds good to your ears and budget not what others including professionals reviewers say. This is because humans tend to perceive and process sound differently. A speaker I might like you might not.

    Here is your gamble. How will the speakers that come with the Onkyo 6300 sound to your ears compared to the speakers you have assembled for $273. The weakness of most HTib are the speakers that come with the unit. While the Onkyo HTib come with a real receiver its speakers may be the weak part of the system but can be upgraded at a later date.

    Many Internet speaker sellers offer liberal return policy's that let you try out the speakers in your home to see if you like them. If you are buying without listening you might want to check the return policy before you pull the trigger.

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