1. Since PC DVD drives operate at several times the standard read speed, I was wondering if any DVD software has a 'scan' option that reads the entire disc at maximum speed looking for read errors.

    This would save me alot hassle since I buy alot of used and clearanced stuff and often don't get around to watching them till much later.

    I'd like to have a method of checking discs quickly without having to watch them end-to-end right away.
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    Nov 6, 2003
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    You could just copy the files to your PC. DVD drives reads again if they encounter an error so you will not get a read-error after it has tried several times. This means that a movie might skip on your stand-alone player but it can still be read. I don't know of a software that can count the read-errors and the number of retries.

    Also, PC DVD-drives are often better at reading scratched discs than stand-alones (the manufacturers should really get around to fix this) so a movie that doesn't skip on your PC may skip on your stand-alone. This makes normal software DVD-players useless for this purpose as well.

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