Invisalign braces - anybody using it?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Anthony Hom, Nov 28, 2001.

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    I found an ad for Invialign braces that are clear plastic forms that re-align teeth. Anybody here get them and what do you think of them. After reading about them, I think I fall into the group that can use it (pending a consultation, of course). My upper front teeth have moved further apart over the last 20 years, producing a small, but noticeable gap in the two front teeth. I know some famous celebrities keep their gaps, but for me, I notice it and it looks so bad in pictures, I don't smile in photos anymore.
    To those who are also curious, can check out their website:
    I want to go from [​IMG] to [​IMG]
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    Anthony - I guess you could say I'm sorta a user of these. I had actual braces for 2 years and when I had them off, my dentist made a clear upper retainer for me to wear at night while I sleep. This simply keeps my top teeth straight. (He put a wire across the back of the lower teeth to keep them straight.) If I go without wearing it for a couple days, the next time I put it in, it hurts like hell because my teeth have shifted slightly and the retainer is pulling them back together.

    Now, how these work v/s actual braces, I'm a bit skeptical about it. But it may actually work. I really don't know.

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