In-ceiling speakers: Help me pick!

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    I'm in the process of looking for in-ceiling speakers to do surround duty for my new house. The HT is in an open area and the wife will NOT approve of anything but in-ceilings.

    My current choices are the following:
    NHT CS6.1 (or CS6.3) ~$200 ($350 for the 6.3) (86.5dB)
    Polk RC60i ~$180 (89dB)
    Home Theater Direct AL-R65 ~$120 (89dB)
    Infinity ERS10 ~$300 (88dB)

    I will not have an opportunity to hear them myself so I will have to rely on your advice. My fronts will be JMLab Electra 920.1's and I'll be powering the surrounds with a mid-range receiver (maybe a Marantz 7300). The NHT's seem to be well-liked but I'm worried about their low sensitivity.

    Since they're just surrounds, I'm thinking I may be able to get away with the HTD's (I like their regular speakers). OTOH, people are saying to get the best in-ceilings I can afford.

    Help please!!
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    It depend on what you want. I currently run the NHT 6.3's as my side speakers and they are great. Having the Tri-Tweeter array makes the very similar to bipolar speakes and give more of a difuse soundfield. They are more expensive but so not discount their sound and the advantage of the design.

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