I want to install a vinyl fence but don't know how

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Andres Munoz, Jun 30, 2004.

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    It's actually just one 6'x6' panel that I'm installing and while I've read up a bit on the internet, I'd like to get input from people that have actually done it. This is the one I'm eyeing.

    As far as parts, I know I need the 6'x6' panel, the two end posts, post tops, rail brackets, screws, etc.

    I believe I also need rebars? Do you put the post first and then the rebar inside?

    Besides filling the hole with concrete, do I fill up the hollow post with concrete as well? Up to what height?

    The instructions that I've read talk about rails like a separate piece but the panel that I want to buy seems to have the rails already installed to the panel. How was yours?

    Any help will be deeply appreciated.
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    Check where you bought the fence. Whether it's a big store like Home Depot or Lowes or a local independent I'm sure there's somebody there who will be happy to explain how to do it. I'm not the handiest person when it comes to things like that and have always found these stores very helpful.

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