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I need OTA Antenna help (Are Radio shack roof-top antennas any good)? (1 Viewer)

Bill Adlhoch

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Dec 18, 2000
I live in the metro Detroit area and I am looking to add a roof mounted antenna with rotator to my set up. I desire to not only get a clear "non-fiddle" signal of Detroit DTV signals, but also pull in Toledo (~60 miles) and Lansing (~75 miles) signals for TV(VHF AND UHF) and FM as well.

I am curious if the antennas sold at Radio shack are any good. I went into a local staore and was surprised to learn that their biggest antenna (VU-210XR) was on sale for $9.97.
Must be on close-out or something.

Is this antenna anywhere near as good as the biggest channel master or winegard? I will be adding a pre-amp to the set up for maximim range.

Per the radio shack web site, the gain figures are as follows:
VHF Low Band: 6.2 dB
VHF High Band: 8.7 dB
UHF: 11.1 dB
FM: 2.2 dB

The Biggest Windgard Antenna has the following gain figures:

VHF High: 11.5dB
UHF: 13.3dB
FM: Not provided

Is that a significant differece in performance? (2-3dB on average)
Or for the price difference if the performance differences minimal?

I am also concerned how "directional" this antenna would be. The pick up patterns of Channel Master and Winegard are highly directional which is what I desire and wondered if a Radio Shack antenna is also directional (use for DX'ing)

Now while I am not opposed to finding a bargain price, I am more concerned with quality and performance and am not afraid to spend for that.

I would be very appreciative of any ideas on this antenna or other recommendations.
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