I Love Infomercials !

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    Well, the only ones I really find entertaining these days are the "Dean Martin Roast" and "Johnny Carson Show Years" offers. 30 minutes of pure enjoyment that's almost like a Tv sitcom show itself! And I don't have to buy anything, I put on my Copper wristband that cures Arthritas, and just sit back and enjoy the fond memories !

    If I want an anti-MTV/VH1 video, I used to look at "Country Hits" or "Songs of the Fifties Collections" with Regis Philbin. I love the out of lip synch vintage videos and the unsolicited actor testimonials. It's a long way from and not as good as the old up the leg crotch shots of young girls on "Dick Clark's American Bandstand", but hey, it's just a soft sell and 3 easy payments!

    For kick-butt motivation I love the newspaper add guy with the super black hair who grabs ya by the scruff of the neck, attention grabbing appeal. He really is Sincere! I don't like Tony Robbins with a beard, sorry...it's bad enough I have to be subjected to the toys of his lavish lifestyle, heleocoptered into his mega-rich home, where we KNOW he has bedded many a Movie Star Beauty! Tony you're going to have to get down with the peeps!

    For the "I'm hungry but I'm too lazy to cook at the time" satisfaction, hands down it's the Ron Popeal Roast Em's

    ...or whatever they are called ! Nothing like chocolate pasta with my lambchops, huh ? I used to love seeing Ron...I call him "Ron" because I "know him"...spray his bald spot, and imagining I'm hearing the screams of housewives EVERYWHERE, when they realize that the satisfaction they expressed when they see their husband's bald spot goes away, disappears quickly on washday, when they're trying to get the pillowcase clean! I also love the "You're not going to do that..." or "It's That Simple" guffaws of the wifey co-host and now Ron's Own...not very attractive but REAL...Sister, recruited into leading the fake audience, in the "It's that Simple" hosannas to the Pocket Fisherman King!

    The Brit with a loud Obnoxious bowtie & voice, is back with the Easy Cooker...or whatever...loved his cleaner or whatever he was LOUD selling. You will love the easy cooker because it appears he's been using it, putting on a few pounds since we last saw him!!!!

    Carlton "I'm Really THAT Boring As A Person" Sheets, stand aside...I don't like to see Herbie Hancock doing the Bose WAVE Stereo System infomercial...sad commentary, sleezy, and I don't care how much he's getting for it. Apparently things aren't going well in Herbie Land! It's almost as painful as watching those eye operations on TLC.

    The best Infomercial to wake up to are those Baseball Card Hawkers who YELL at the top of their voices at you. On early Sunday morning they sell Classic Rambo Killer Knife Collections to all those Serial Killer types out there in the fly-over states...you know the ones with the multiple Social Security numbers and false mail drops so they can buy weapons that violate parole ? You can't tell me they are keeping those knives in their mahogany holders all week ? You can see the results of their handiwork on "Cops" Goes To Salt Lake City !

    What is your favorite ?
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    I think the MotorUP ad rocks: "It's in a solid block of ice!!!"


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