HTF HD-DVD Review: Star Trek: The Original Series Season One

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by PatWahlquist, Nov 17, 2007.

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    Finished the last of the episodes last night. Got through the set with no major problems except for the self correcting lip synch issue that I already mentioned and a player lockup which needed a hard reset after I paused an episode on disc 9 (though I think this problem is inherent to the hardware not the disc).

    I haven't watched any of the bonus material but I'm backlogged with other HDM titles (Die Hards, Harry Potters, Blade Runner) so I'll return to it down the road. I am looking forward to Season 2, some really great episodes in there.
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    Regarding the extras, I've been meaning to comment on the much discussed original effects comparison to the new CGI effects feature of this set when first announced.

    Perhaps my interpretation of this feature was wrong, or others thought the same thing. There was no actual original footage comparison with new CGI in a way that was meaningful to me. I am not dissing this.

    What they did was use the Starfleet Access feature with the PIP feature and what they show are small images of the old verse the new. I guess I was hoping and expecting was full sized HD versions of the old and new where I could see either with the push of a button. This is not the end of the world, the other features and the wonderful remastering of the live action has been a pleasure!

    The old effects can be seen during the end credits and I can watch the last box sets! Well, I'm on the 9th disc now, closing in on the end and savoring it!

    By the way, I recently viewed This Side of Paradise. I was much relieved to see that it was intact and not altered the way the syndicated version of the remastered episode was broadcast. The broadcast version cuts short the sequence where Kirk is all alone of the bridge and the camera pans across the bridge. They also added a CGI shot of the Enterprise in orbit during Kirk's monologue. I since heard this was what is done with other syndicated broadcast of the un-remastered version.
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    I also finished my review of this set (I don´t add the link at his point, since I´m not sure what the policy is) and I have to fully admit that these new CGI-effects were in most parts very seamless, respecting the "original look/feel". They blend in quite well and rarely I thought that "that is the new effect!", "and that!", etc. Then again, it has been years since I saw these episode last time, so the more "hardcore" fans might have different opinions.

    My gripe still is, that the "original version" (without CGI-effects) was not included in the SD DVD-side of this set. It really feels like a missed opportunity.. It would´ve been nice to watch a couple of episodes without the CGI-effects. Adding both versions would´ve made the "combo-decision" more justified.

    But yeah, the series in 1080p looks really good, I had great time.

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