HT-PC "jukebox" instead of CD/DVD-Player?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Felix_, Jan 30, 2005.

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    The Question to the high-end Audio- and Video-Freaks:

    While the Audio- and HT-Industry is discussing copy-protection, a confusing number of competing standards, regional codes etc. and cannibalising it's own business the HT-PC might be the winner!?

    1) Will a video-stream played from a 300GB hard-disc-drive and controlled through a Media-Center have the same quality as from a DVD-player (e.g. speed-tolerances)?

    2) Will modern A/V-Receivers take over D/A-conversion for audio in the same quality as high-end DVD-players?

    3) What will be the Audio and Video-Format corresponding with HDV and HD-DVD?
    High quality audio in comparison to HD-pictures (ending up at 1920 x 1080) seems to be the looser within the last years as SACD and DVD-Audio are reported to have already decreasing sales figures (smart industry: 2 standards instead of one ... never accepted by the client!)

    5) It's completely inconsistent: Whily music can be down-loaded to each and every device in various formats (paying for it in various ways - or not), the video-industry thinks that their products can be copy-protected totally and no video will find it's way from a DVD to a HT-PC. Who will win?

    Whats your opinion?
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    I just use Megachangers which I distribute over my house and sound better than media juke boxes for a fraction of the price.
    Much less pain and no "boy am I screwed if....."

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