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Discussion in 'Computers' started by Scott Wong, Oct 9, 2005.

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    Bought a brand new HP laptop in the middle of 2003 from Best Buy. Everything has been fine, except earlier this year I had a problemw the display. While viewing photos and looking at things on the internet... heck, even my screen saver of the new Audi A8L... there were little blue dots all over the display. It is very difficult to describe... I took it back into Best Buy (since I thankfully purchased their extended service plan for some ungodly reason) and after sending the entire unit back to HP... the resolution described to me was simply cleaning the heat sinks to allow heat to better dissipate.

    Several months later... I am experiencing the same problem yet again. I'll certainly take the notebook back to Best Buy if I absolutely have to... but they had it for nearly two weeks and it is a terrible inconvenience.

    I leave my notebook on all of the time. And after seeing these little blue pixels/dots all over the display... I opened the area in the back of the notebook and vacuumed everywhere I could reach. This didn't help. Not even a little bit. Just to give an example: The current page I am working on while posting this thread at the HTF... just above my logged in name on this screen is a colored bar that runs across the length of the page. In white letters to the very left, it reads "Post New Thread". The coloring of this bar is almost shaking in a way.... there are little blue and red stripes blotted across the entire area. The green start button on the Windows XP toolbar is blotched with little red dots. If the screen/page is completely white (like when composing an e-mail in Outlook Express) I cannot see any problems... so perhaps it only shows up with colored items. Sorry I cannot be anymore technical than that...

    I am just wondering if anyone has experienced this before or might be able to give me some quick tips before I haul this thing back into Best Buy. This is the 2nd time this has occurred in a timespan of just a few months...
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    i would go to hp's website and see if they have any updated drivers for your video card or motherboard. then update the drivers if necessary. before updating the drivers make sure that you have backed up all your info.

    whatever you do you need to make sure that your important info is backed up as it sounds like your computer make be about to go caput if the heat is not dissapating off of the processor and heat sink properly.

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