How to use a Rack System?

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    I am planning to use a Rack Sytem by Middle Atlantic. It is open in the front and back but has side panels. This will be inclosed in a wall with space behind it. My question is how you would arrange the components. I read you should put the heaviest component (Amplifiers, I have two of them)at the bottom buy my feeling is heat will rise and heat up the other components. The second question is I am using custom shelve racks that have face plates for each component so everything looks flush and flat. This practically stacks all the components on top of each other. My amplifier instructions talks about leaving at least 3 inches of space around it yet on the instruction of racking it, it says you might have to remove the rubber feet if it gets in the way of other equipment. In other words it sits on top of other components. I don't like the idea of of putting fans behind each component because of cost and noise.
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    "Whisper" fans work well. If you amplifiers have 'switched' AC outlets built in you can connect them directly.

    You might look at rack shelves offered by various vendors. You might not be able to stack as many components on top of each other, but they may provide better air-flow and are a 'must' if any of your gear does not width the rack mount width.

    Try, or Broadcast Supply Worldwide for rack shelves. You can usually find them for $25-$30 ea, US.


    John G
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    I used Middle Atlantic racks as well. I put the receiver on the bottom, then I put a 2 space factor blanking plate above it to give it a little more room to breathe.


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